Saturday, June 28, 2014

Using a Dump Station

While most of you think that getting rid of waste is not the most pleasant thing about a Motorhome holiday, it is in fact very easy to take care of this necessary job. To get rid of waste water, you can find dump stations throughout NZ and at most campgrounds. Anywhere you see a sign of a Motorhome with an arrow underneath it you can simply pull up along side, attach the hose and release the waste into the station. There will also be facilities there so you can empty your toilet cassette. If you have been treating the waste correctly there should be no smell. Release the cassette from its locker and swing the cassette spout out, take off the cap and empty it. Most stations will have a hose you can rinse the cassette out with, then slide it back into its locker and add your waste treatment. Unhook the waste water hose and stow before you head off.


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